If you were a car, which would you be?

For all you car lovers our there, this is the discussion for you. Business Insider presents one of the world’s largest car collection of cars, with over 45o cars, held by business man Roger Dubbing. So if you want to feast your eyes on plenitudes of  chrome and leather, hop into this discussion…

First start by Mind Mapping some of the car related words. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to review colors, descriptive adjectives (e.g. fast, smooth, powerful, etc). Then ask your students to take the quiz. Why not make it interactive by getting your students into pairs so that one asks and the other answers. Reading out lound can be a great way to practice pronounciation…if it is not too difficutl or stressful. Finally, watch the video on the 45$ car collection.

Warm Up

  • Mind Map some of the car-related words
  • What is your favorite car?
  • If you were a car, which would you be? (you can even take a quiz)

The Video: Inside a $45 Million Car Collection

  • What did you see that stuck?
  • What are some of the strangest features?
  • If you were to rent a car from Dubbing, which would it be?
  • Why does Dubbing see himself as an art collector rather than a car collector?