Questions by Cognitive Skill

Need a good question? Often a good discussion starts with a good question. But beyond the meaning attached to the question, you can also consider the cognitive demand various questions can represent. All throughout my career as an ESL teacher and tutor or as an instructional designer, I have used the Question by Cognitive Skill tool below to help inspire and calibrate questions that make sense with the learning objective. I got this tool from an eLearning conference and have never let it go. It doesn't make sense to everyone, but I find it makes perfect sense when designing learning materials. Let me know if it is useful to you. But, if you are looking for just general discussion questions, check out the to get things going section.

Cognitive SkillExamples of questions
Data collection/ recallObservationWhat do you see...?
What do you observe...?
RecognitionCan you identify...?
RecallWhat was said about...?
What do you remember...?
Data organizationComparisonHow to ...?
What are the pros and cons...?
What are the similarities and differences of...?
ClassificationWhat elements are the same (or different)...?
What are the advantages/disadvantages?
OrderingWhat is the most the least important...?
Data analysisBasic partsWhat are the characteristics of...?
What is the objective of...?
Flush out relationshipsHow is ....related to...?
Is there any reason for...?
Pattern recognitionWhat is common in...?
Is there a pattern...?
Fact and opinionWhat is fact and what is opinion...?
How is (an idea) supported?
ClarificationHow do we know that...?
When is does ... have meaning?
Data transcendenceExplanationWhat does he/she mean by...?
What is your interpretation of...?
PredictionWhat do you think will happen if...?
What will happen next?
ConclusionBased on ... then what can we concluded?
What are the weak points?
VerificationWhat is confirmed...?
Error and conflict detectionAre there any contradictions?
What is missing...?
Application and improvementWhere would this apply?
How could we improve this?
Knowledge organizationWhat if we considered ... according to ... criteria?
SummaryWhat are the main points...?
What is the take-away?
EmpathyCould you accept the role of...?
How would you feel if...?
AssessmentHow would you rate...?
ReflectionWhat have you learnt about...?
How does this relate to your life?

Source: Cognitive Skill-based Question Wizard, Kordaki M., Papadakis S., Hadzilacos T., 2007