What is your Everest?

Meet Scott Parazynski, he is a NASA astronaut, reached the summit of Everest, has ventured down the mouth of a volcano and did one of the most dangerous space walks in the history.

Although my life goals are no where near those of Parazynski’s, his story absolutely fascinates me. It’s crazy what can be accomplished when you stretch your limits.

Of course, even though I admire adventurers like Parazynski, I also know about the underside of pushing limits through stories like Jay Moriarity, famous surfer who drowned while free diving or Jason Wells and Tim Klein, Yosemite climbers who fell to their deaths while climbing El Capitain in Yosemite National park.  And of course some of my own close calls climbing in the Alps.

So I ask you, what are some of your craziest adventure fantasies?

Pre discussion

  • What are your craziest adventure fantasies?
  • What is on your “bucket list” (things you want to accomplish before your die…before you “kick the bucket”)
  • When are adventures too dangerous?

The video: on the Business Insider: Meet the only NASA astronaut to climb Mound Everest

  • List some of the actions/adventures Parazynski has done?
  • Why is Parazynski so bold?
  • Where does he get his sense of adventure?
  • What are some of Parazynski’s personal characteristics?
  • What is the most important message you take away from this story?